Mar 22

Local NC #GOP conspiracy theorist

afraidGov. Perdue, as one of her last acts, signed a lease to turn the state-owned Dorothea Dix hospital grounds into a “Central Park for Raleigh”. She understood that livability is one thing that draws badly needed businesses to this area. Many have wanted a green spot in the city for recreation and events. I think it’s a great idea.

In a purely political move, the new Republican majority, now wants to rescind the lease. That’s bad enough but read the exchange below which is a pure example of Right-Wing paranoia.

As Thursday’s committee hearing wrapped up, Sen. Tom Apodaca, a Republican from Hendersonville, took aim at Jim Goodmon, a member of the park supporters group Dix Visionaries.

Apodaca said he was uncomfortable with Goodman identifying himself as the president of Capitol Broadcasting before speaking out against the bill. Goodmon’s company owns WRAL-TV along with other TV and radio stations throughout the state.

“I felt threatened by you, sir, when you and your ownership of Capitol Broadcasting,” Apodaca said. “I feel like we’ve been somewhat intimidated by the press here today.”

Goodmon responded by asking if his business affiliation disqualified him from speaking out. “I’m a longtime citizen of Raleigh. I can speak anytime I care to speak,” he said after the meeting.”

– News and Observer, March 22, 2013

Couple of very interesting things about this.

First, what is Apodaca afraid of? Even if the press does report it and editorialize, isn’t that the First Amendment in action? I bet Apodaca calls himself a Constitutionalist when he’s in a room full of Tea Partiers. I guess he skipped that part while reading it.”

Secondly, Republicans tend to think they corner the market on promoting business. Is Apodaca claiming that those who work in certain businesses need to recuse themselves from civic interactions? Isn’t there an inherent contradiction there?

Thirdly, if Apodaca is intimidated simply by someone declaring his occupation, then the man needs to find some big boy pants somewhere before he continues his work in the legislature. More intimidating things are most likely coming.

When you see a conspiracy or a threat behind every bush, all you’re going to do is spend your time staring a bushes rather than solving problems. The NC Republicans are marching in ideological lockstep with the extreme Right-Wing, and that basically says their days are numbered. There will be other elections.



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