Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 23

Five reasons the Uncle Sam in the exam room ads are just wrong

Uncle Sam in the examining room

5 reasons the Uncle Sam in the examining room ad is just wrong There is absolutely nothing about Obamacare that tells your doctor how to treat you inside the examining room. The ad suggests something that just isn’t true. There is absolutely nothing in the ACA that indicates that Uncle Sam will need to snap …

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Sep 23

Once and for all, will Obamacare allow you to choose your own doctor?

Insurance company greed

Yes and no. Okay, so that’s not as definitive as I would like it to be. The Republicans, whose minions have actually been putting out ads trying to talk people out of exploring the exchanges available Oct 1st, say definitely no. Democrats hold tight to their conviction that Obamacare does not prevent someone from choosing their …

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Sep 22

The GOP “negotiators” on the Sunday programs

No negotiation

When is a negotiation not a negotiation? Answer: When it’s been preceded by 40 attempts to repeal. I’m used to watching the talk shows on weekends let different political apologists come on and push their agendas. At most, the anchors of the shows offer only the softest of push back. They need ratings, and so …

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