Sep 22

The GOP “negotiators” on the Sunday programs

No negotiation

The Republican version of negotiation and statesmanship

When is a negotiation not a negotiation? Answer: When it’s been preceded by 40 attempts to repeal.

I’m used to watching the talk shows on weekends let different political apologists come on and push their agendas. At most, the anchors of the shows offer only the softest of push back. They need ratings, and so they need their guests to punch and counter-punch. They don’t want to chase future sparring partners away, and so lies often go unchallenged.

And sometimes, it’s just a single word that the “journalists” let go. Today, I saw a few of them ignore the Republican claim that their current extortion using the national budget was a “negotiation” tactic. Some have said, “Shouldn’t everything be on the table” with a wide-eyed look. Others have said, “We just want Obamacare looked at again and discussed.” Nonsense. They don’t want that at all and, yet, few from the press have challenged them on this from what I’ve seen this morning. Here’s why the reporters should do their jobs:

You can’t vote to get rid something completely 40 times and, suddenly, pretend that’s not what you want to do. None of those 40 votes repealing the ACA were about stalling Obamacare until it could be further negotiated. It was about killing it dead in its tracks. But now they have pushed the button to start a somewhat nuclear option. Oh boy. Now they’ve done it. So, what do they do?  They get all doe-eyed on TV and pretend they really just want to help. They just wanted to get this Obamacare thing right all along.  Don’t believe it for a minute? They don’t want to diaper the baby. They want to drown it.

President Obama has always welcomed suggestions to amend the new ACA law. Nobody has claimed it’s a perfect law. Some of us just believe it’s better that what we’ve had. But that has been of little interest to the GOP, who fear that it might actually work. That would destroy all of their “big government is incompetent” rhetoric. They don’t want it to work. They want it dead. So, it’s really ingenuous for them to suddenly don the statesman cloak that they have refused to wear so far.

So next time you hear Candy Crowley let them get away with the word “negotiation”, there’s not a lot you can do. Just realize that, in “1984” fashion, when the word “negotiation” is used by these people, it means something that’s the opposite. Individually, we can still demand that the Republicans be held responsible for this rash power play and their politics of destruction.


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