Sep 23

Five reasons the Uncle Sam in the exam room ads are just wrong

Uncle Sam in the examining room

When fear trumps thought

5 reasons the Uncle Sam in the examining room ad is just wrong

  1. There is absolutely nothing about Obamacare that tells your doctor how to treat you inside the examining room. The ad suggests something that just isn’t true. There is absolutely nothing in the ACA that indicates that Uncle Sam will need to snap on the rubber gloves – even symbolically.
  2. The producers of the ad appeal more to the gut than to the head. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the style of the Nazi German propaganda pieces which used exaggerated stereotypical features to represent the “evil” Jews.  It’s not meant to make people think. It’s meant to scare people on a visceral level. Why encourage people to think when getting a mindless reaction is more powerful?

    Anti-jewish propaganda

    Shared tactics

  3. Uncle Sam is a patriotic symbol. Even though I think patriotism based solely around symbols, and not thought, is weak, this is a little excessive even for me. To make Sam look like a creepy, leering pervert trying to cop a look at young people’s private areas goes too far – even for the Koch bros who financed this.
  4. It’s badly done. It looks like someone threw it together in a garage. Uncle Sam looks like a farm league baseball team’s mascot.  If you’re going to put out a propaganda piece, at least make an attempt at quality. Work on the damn stilted dialogue a bit.  Look like you’re trying.
  5. It demonstrates that a group of Americans have actually sunk this low trying to persuade other people. It’s kind of an embarrassment to us as a society. We’ve lost our intellectual and moral compass when this sort thing gets accepted as part of our political debate.


I think the young people who this ad obviously targets are a lot savvier than the producers of this mess realize. And I think they’ll reject it outright as the trash it is. Hopefully, when they stumble across this vacuous attempt at manipulating them, they will take the time to find out how Obamacare actually works and  “opt in” like crazy.

(I left these video examples up even though they have gone “private.” Interesting that Koch brothers would make them so. What shame looks like.)


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