Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 21

Republicans: Is it time to deal with those anger issues?

Why Republicans Need  Some Time on a Shrink’s Couch by Darrell Hill In politics, we expect some gamesmanship. For the past six years, the Republican game was to keep President Obama in a constant “no win” position. It started the week after Mr. Obama’s first inauguration when the Mitch McConnell proclaimed that they would make …

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Nov 15

7 facts about conspiracy theories

Paranoid Donald Sutherland pointing

If you like to debate politics (and I use the word “debate” rather than “fight about” to seem more civilized than I am) as much as I do, you know that such conversations online are stuffed with claims of conspiracies. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the Right or the Left. Someone’s always spouting nonsense conspiracy …

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