Nov 21

Republicans: Is it time to deal with those anger issues?

Play with me!

Play with me!

Why Republicans Need  Some Time on a Shrink’s Couch

by Darrell Hill

In politics, we expect some gamesmanship. For the past six years, the Republican game was to keep President Obama in a constant “no win” position. It started the week after Mr. Obama’s first inauguration when the Mitch McConnell proclaimed that they would make sure Obama was a one term president. Forget governing. The game was more important. Who cares if the country (with our wages) stagnates? It’s an angry game that speaks of deep-seated anger issues.

There’s an old saying: “The only way to stop playing a game is to stop.” In other words, we have a part to play in any game we find ourselves in. Sometimes political or psychological games sweep us in before we even know we’re playing. But, if we don’t like the way it’s going, we can stop. Last night, Barrack Obama stopped playing the Republican’s game by executive order. He walked away from their trying to keep him in a “no win” position. And this maddened the Grand Old Party.

Sure, Obama stopped playing the game because there are no other elections during his presidency that his actions can influence . Okay, a little political, but better late than never. Politicians are not always our bravest citizens. But Obama found the courage to stop playing last night. And good minds on both sides of the issue will argue for decades whether delivering the executive order was constitutional or not. We had a lot of this kind of discussion during W. as well. That’s all interesting. But, to me, what’s more interesting is the Republican response when the president one-sidedly stopped playing their short-sighted game.

Of all the things the Republicans have proposed in response to the president’s executive orders, not one of them, up to the moment I’m writing this, has to do with resolving differences. No “let’s come to the table on this” or “let’s pass a bill”. “None of that statesmanship crap! How about some power plays instead? We want somebody to hurt.”

I guess if you’re angry enough all you can see is punishment. Punishment does seem to be more of a conservative tactic. However, Punishment almost never works. People might put up with being spanked for a while but not forever. The idea that punishment doesn’t work seems to matter little when the game turns to retribution. The interesting thing about the Republican’s default style of retribution is that each measure ultimately hurts only the American people. Only one threat out of the current batch of threats actually lays a glove on Obama himself in any real way. Check it out:

  • Withholding funding for NSA or other government agencies. Who does that hurt? We need less security in this country, right? Instead of a compassionate immigration policy, we need to de-fund and shut down all of our immigration agencies. Does that really hurt anybody but the American people?
  • Refusing to confirm Obama’s nominees including the attorney general. The Republicans apparently didn’t learn their lesson when they let the NRA convince them not to confirm a surgeon general to help set health policy in the country – just before Ebola was a concern. Who gets hurt when the right officials aren’t in the right place? Yup. The people of the United States.
  • Shutting down the government… again. If you have any memory of the last government shut down not so long ago, it speaks for itself. Suffice it to say, the American people are smart enough to know when they are being held hostage.
  • Impeaching the president. Besides the difficulty of meeting the high bar of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, they should think back on what it cost their party when they erroneously decided that impeachment was the way to get rid of Mr. Clinton. They need to remember how all-consuming and painful it was to the people of the United States to go through that. They should recall how unsavory it was to have a hostile party try to negate an election through a witch-hunt.  (My advice to the GOP: If you must indulge yourselves, limit your witch-hunts to once every 100 years or so.)

An impeachment would hurt Obama but not as much as it would hurt the country. With the deck stacked like it is in the Congress, the American people will understand that it’s all political. And it probably wouldn’t help the Republicans in a big picture way if they were to become known as “the party of impeachment”.

All the Republicans seem to know is obstruction and retribution. Every suggestion so far for responding to this executive order on immigration has centered on hurting the president – but mostly by sacrificing the American people… you and me. Can you believe they’re trying to hold us hostage again?

If you don’t think the GOP needs some time on a shrink’s couch to work out their sick anger issues, maybe you should join them for couple’s counseling.

  • Guess I need couple’s counseling. ..lol! I say the majority of both party’s members need lessons in manners and proper behavior.

  • admin

    While that’s definitely true about the lessons, I think they’ve gone a little beyond bad manners and more toward angry, aggressive behavior.

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