May 02

Cruz makes claim after skipping Lynch vote that has aides pedaling fast | Dallas Morning News

C'mon Ted... you can fool some of the people... and you obviously have.

C’mon Ted… you can fool some of the people… and you obviously have.

The Texas senator’s stance on Senate rules implied opposition to lots of things he supported. Oh, Teddy!

Source: Ted Cruz’s claim after skipping Lynch vote has aides pedaling fast | Dallas Morning News

This guy went to an Ivy? Most of us had a better understanding of how government works after our middle school civics course.

Cruz always makes excuses when he does something stupid like spearhead the shutting down of the government or miss a key vote. And the excuses are usually as outrageous as the thing he is making the excuse about.

Back me on this: Didn’t he go on Sunday television after the shutdown? And wasn’t Cruz’s excuse for that massive failure go something like this: Because the Democrats didn’t fold to the demands he was making, they caused the shutdown? Therefore, the fiasco (that he spent weeks engineering) was the Democrats’ fault.  I guess the bad-sport Dems just don’t like to govern by holding the government hostage.. It’s all their fault… In what twisted universe?

It’s simple, Rafael. If you’re not there, you haven’t voted. That’s not a “no” vote. That’s simply no vote at all. (I swear I knew this in 7th grade.) So, next time you want to register a “no” vote, buddy, show up. It’s the only way.

But if you’re going mess up on how it all works, at least don’t do it in such a way that you shoot yourself in the foot. That’s just not presidential.

And stop with the lame excuses.



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