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Dec 28

ISIS is the New Ebola

If your Christmas gathering this year was like mine, it was horrible. All we could talk about were the people in our lives we lost to Ebola. A couple of friends at the table broke down into tears just thinking about it. Because of this plight, we all wore masks which we lifted the corners of to …

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Sep 23

Five reasons the Uncle Sam in the exam room ads are just wrong

Uncle Sam in the examining room

5 reasons the Uncle Sam in the examining room ad is just wrong There is absolutely nothing about Obamacare that tells your doctor how to treat you inside the examining room. The ad suggests something that just isn’t true. There is absolutely nothing in the ACA that indicates that Uncle Sam will need to snap …

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Mar 15

Tired old Pat Boone should stick to singing; a video

Pat Boode in Leather

To Neil Cavuto’s credit, he is trying to walk Boone away from his whacko view of the world. That Cavuto had him on at all is suspicious. Boone should stick to shuffling around his mansion and singing “Love Letters in the Sand” at county fairs. BTW: Tea Party teaching seminars also prescribe Alinsky’s methods for activism. BTW again, Mr. Cavuto: Balancing …

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