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May 01

Satanists Seize On Hobby Lobby To Test The Limit Of Religious Freedom | ThinkProgress Posted by Darrell

Sep 23

Five reasons the Uncle Sam in the exam room ads are just wrong

Uncle Sam in the examining room

5 reasons the Uncle Sam in the examining room ad is just wrong There is absolutely nothing about Obamacare that tells your doctor how to treat you inside the examining room. The ad suggests something that just isn’t true. There is absolutely nothing in the ACA that indicates that Uncle Sam will need to snap …

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Mar 22

Local NC #GOP conspiracy theorist

Gov. Perdue, as one of her last acts, signed a lease to turn the state-owned Dorothea Dix hospital grounds into a “Central Park for Raleigh”. She understood that livability is one thing that draws badly needed businesses to this area. Many have wanted a green spot in the city for recreation and events. I think it’s a …

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Mar 22

Sarah Palin on guns

…I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores.”  – Tina Fey channeling Sarah Palin at the Actors Studio

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